User Guide

Table of Contents

Uploading Videos

Videos are uploaded to StockBlaster via a service called File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Uploading files via FTP requires a desktop application to be installed on your computer. There are many free FTP clients available on the web, but the one we highly recommend is FileZilla (it's free).

Once you install your FTP client, you can connect to our upload server using the following information.

  • Host -
  • Username - [[ email you registered with ]]
  • Password - [[ your current password ]]
  • Port - 22

After connecting, upload your clips to our server and they will begin processes shortly. Processing time can vary depending on the current system load. But once processed, your videos will be ready to begin curating on the Pending Videos page.

Video Requirements

Videos uploaded to StockBlaster must meet certain technical specifications to be accepted at major stock video agencies. Every video uploaded is programmatically verified to meet the following specifications. If a video does not meet these requirements, it will be automatically rejected from the system and you will receive an email stating why it failed.

Accepted resolutions

  • 1280 x 720
  • 1920 x 1080
  • 2048 x 1080
  • 3840 x 2160
  • 4096 x 2160
  • 4096 x 2304

Accepted frame rates

  • 23.98
  • 23.97
  • 23.98
  • 24
  • 25
  • 29.97
  • 29.97
  • 30
  • 30.01
  • 50
  • 59.94
  • 60

Accepted file types

  • video/quicktime
  • video/mpeg
  • video/mp4
  • video/avi
  • application/octet-stream

Accepted file extensions

  • mov
  • mpg
  • mp4
  • avi

Accepted codecs

  • h264
  • prores

Video duration
Must be between 5 and 60 seconds long.

File size
Must be between less than 3 GB.

Video must not contain sound and be exported without audio.

Quality Standard
  • Single continuous clips only.
  • No multiple clips in one video.
  • No shaky videos allowed.
  • No black bars at top/bottom.

How Videos Move Through StockBlaster

Videos flow through StockBlaster in stages, each one of these stages corresponds to an item in your navigation menu.

  • Pending - Videos that you have recently uploaded and are in the process of curating.
  • In Review - Videos that you curated and submitted, but are awaiting approval by one of our staff members.
  • Approved - Videos that have been approved and will be submitted to agencies.

Once videos appear on the Approved page, your video is ready to be submitted to each of the stock agencies we work with. For each agency, you will see a status corresponding to where that video is at in the submission process.

  • In Queue - Video is awaiting our staff to export and submit your video to the agency.
  • Submitted - We have successfully submitted your video to the agency and will be made available for sale once approved.
  • Rejected - Your video was rejected by the agency.
Note about agency statuses: Unfortunately, stock agencies do not supply us with an interface to determine when a video is approved and available for sale. Once you see a video has been submitted, it is reasonable to assume that the video will be online at the agency soon unless it is rejected. Most video rejection, if they occur, happen within the first 7 days after submission.

Model / Property Releases

Releases are required for any identifiable person (including yourself) or property that appears in your video. Releases can be downloaded here:

Model Release: click to download
Model Release (minor): click to download
Property release: click to download


StockBlaster does not charge monthly membership fees to use our service. We simply charge a 10% fee on every sale made on videos uploaded through our service. This allows you to only pay for our service as long as you're making money as well.

As an example, let's say a video sells for $50.00 (after agency fees). StockBlaster will deduct $5.00 from the total sale amount and you receive the remaining $45.00.

Referral Program

Our referral program offers you the ability to refer people you think might be interested in our service and receive 1% referral bonus of any sales they make. You will receive these referral bonuses for as long as you are a member and there are no limits on how much you can earn.

Receiving Payments

Payments for sales are issued via PayPal on the 15th of every month. All payments are made for sales made in the month prior. This is due to the lag between making the sale and us receiving payments from agencies. When you receive a payment, you will receive an email notification from PayPal as well as an email from us which outlines which sales were part of that payment.