Frequently Asked Questions

StockBlaster does not charge any monthly fees. Instead we take a small percentage (10%) of sales made for videos uploaded through our service. This means you to only pay when you're making money too!

Currently we work with Adobe Stock, Pond5 and ShutterStock, but are working on adding additional agencies.

Payments are made on the 15th of each month via PayPal. On the day we make payments, you will receive payments for sales month the month prior. We do this because of the delay of when a sale is made on a stock agency and when we receive payment for it.

Releases are required when there are recognizable people (including yourself) and/or properties in your video. You will need to include one release for each person or property appearing in the video. If you do not have a release and the video contains identifiable people or properties, you will need to mark your video as Editorial.