Short urls you can
change at any time
Create short links that simplify A/B testing, brand links with custom domains, monitor dead links, track metrics and more!
We Have
Features you won't find anywhere else
Change Destinations Dynamically
Change the destination of where your short links point to at any time, as many times as you need. Traffic will be routed to new destinations immediately!
Smarter Short Links
Create different types of short links that intelligently route traffic in different ways. Route traffic by weighting, country, device type, or more
Shorten URLs
We squish URLs down to their shortest possible length we can so you have less link to worry about. Use our in house short domain or use your own.
Track Link Metrics
Understand how much traffic your short links are getting, where traffic is coming from, what types of devices your customers are using and more detailed metrics.
Dead Link Monitoring
We monitor each and every link to make sure the destination it's pointing to is reachable. If a link destination becomes unreachable, we'll let you know so you can update it!
Customer Support
Our team of highly skilled engineers are available to answer any questions you have or to help you determine how you can best utilize short links for your business.
Our Users Love Us
For A Reason
"Zoobl short links were a game changer for my YouTube Channel. Being able to post static links in my video descriptions and then dynamically update them has saved me so much time. No more going video by video updating links when products or sponsors change."
- Dana S.
"We've been using weighted short links in our marketing business for 6 months now to A/B test different designs and marketing funnels. We used to have to configure different Wordpress plugins and settings on our website to do the same thing. It's made figuring out which designs / funnels perform best a breeze."
- Kevin B.
"As an Amazon affiliate, we've always had to post multiple links to products so that viewers from different countries can hit the correct Amazon URL based on their country. Now, with geo links, we can advertise a single URL per product and route to the proper Amazon URL dynamically based on the viewers country. Geo links have been so much help to our business!"
- Paul S.
Plans To Fit Every Business
Pricing Options
Monthly Yearly
Get started using smarter short links with no commitment. Free forever!

50 Short Links
Short URLs
Link Metrics & Analytics
7 Days of Metrics
Basic Support
Most Popular
per month
Perfect for businesses wanting to fully utilize the power of short links.

1000 Short Links
1 Custom Domain
Weighted Routing Links
Geo Routing Links
Short URLs
Dynamic Link Parameters
Link Metrics & Analytics
Dead Link Monitoring
60 Days of Metrics
Basic Support
per month
Perfect for power users working with lots of links and multiple domains.

5000 Short Links
5 Custom Domains
Weighted Routing Links
Geo Routing Links
Short URLs
Dynamic Link Parameters
Link Metrics & Analytics
Dead Link Monitoring
120 Days of Metrics
Priority Support
Need a different size plan? Please contact us so we can build a custom plan for you!
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